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EPS Pansystem 3.4

anSystem software has been the industry’s leading well test analysis program for more than 20 years. It is a robust yet easy-to-use software tool that provides multiple options for models and analysis. These options include industry standards as well as user-defined models for additional flexibility. Ultimately, the PanSystem application provides a way to simplify complex transient well testing through detailed analysis, simulation, and reporting.

PanSystem software is dedicated to transient well testing, a key technical function in the oil and gas industry. A pressure transient well test has the unique ability to obtain information from within the reservoir surrounding the well and with appropriate testing and analysis techniques can provide a wealth of data:

* Permeability of the reservoir-at-large and, in some cases, the near-wellbore region
* Completion efficiency, effective open interval size (over the life of the well)
* Reservoir structure (boundaries, heterogeneities)
* Reservoir pressure
* Nature of any pressure support
* Drainage area, connected pore volume, and initial hydrocarbons in place
* Vertical permeability, vertical communication in layered systems
* Well performance (over the life of the well)
* Communication between wells
* Deliverability and production forecast
Product:EPS Pansystem 3.4