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Scandpower Petroleum Technology OLGA 5.3

Scandpower Petroleum Technology OLGA 5.3是世界领先的非稳态多相流模拟软件。可以模拟在油井、管线和油气处理设备中的油气水运动状态。OLGA已经被广泛应用在可行性研究、工程设计和运行模拟中。

OLGA 5.3 secures successful design and operation of multiphase production systems resulting in overall capital and operating cost effectiveness.

The application of OLGA 5.3 as the transient modelling tool is particularly
valuable in:

The Planning Phase:
Analysis and design of crucial characteristics

  • Slugging and surge (tube ID, well profile)
  • Gas lifting
  • Clean-out and testing (equipment sizing / clean-up economics)
  • Cross-flow
  • Liquid loading onset prediction
  • Thermal calculations, hydrate and wax
  • Water accumulation, corrosion and material selection
  • Checking lift curves for both steady and unstable flow

The Operations Phase:
Forecasting flow problems and instabilities, trouble shooting and
selecting appropriate remedial actions

  • Liquid loading predictions, water cut limits and remedy evaluation
  • Operational trouble shooting
  • Operational procedures (Start-up – Shut-down)
  • Predicting Bottom Hole Pressure from surface measurements
  • Well testing
  • Virtual multiphase downhole flow meter
  • Artificial Lift Optimization (Gas Lift (intermittent), ESP, Plunger Lift, etc.)

OLGA 5.3 accurately models and analyses true dynamics, and is the market leading simulator for all
flow of oil, water and gas in wells, pipelines and receiving facilities.

Understanding the impact of complex flow regimes in wells is important for production optimisation.

Well flow performance is typically designed for maximum production rates using steady state simulation tools. This gives limited knowledge of the behaviour and control of the wells inherent
dynamic conditions.

Product:Scandpower Petroleum Technology OLGA 5.3