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Materialise SurgiCase Master 3.0

Materialise SurgiCase Master 3.0—一款用来查看牙齿CT的软件。

::::::English Description::::::

Reading of the CT data
 – The SurgiCase Master will interface with a range of CT Scanners. The data
   will be read from magneto optical disk, tape or CD-ROM and converted into
   the Materialise file format.

 Preparation of a 3D image
 Several segmentation techniques are provided for the processing
 of the CT images:
 – Segmentation by thresholding: By defining one threshold, the segmentation
   volume is defined by all pixels with a gray value higher than this
   threshold. This is a very efficient technique for segmenting bone
   structures within CT images.
 – Segmentation by region growing: The region growing technique permits the
   user to split an object into several distinct parts. Also, noise and
   flying pixels will be removed from the segmentation volume.
 – Editing: Local corrections on the segmentation object can be made using
   a square or round pencil. Drawing and erasing are possible with this
   variable sized pencil. Together with region growing, this is an efficient
   tool to remove image artifacts caused by teeth fillings. Also, drawing
   with a local threshold is possible, with this tool, bone with a lower
   threshold then the global one, can be added to the segmentation volume.
 A flexible interface to visualize segmented objects, as 3 dimensional
 objects, using fast and advanced 3D rendering and shading algorithms
 is provided. The different objects will be displayed in separate colors
 and can be rotated at will. Transparency and depth shading are also

 Basic viewing functions
 – Axial, sagital and coronal images are the standard views available in
   SurgiCase. Panoramic images and cross-sections are user-definable. The
   panoramic image can be shown as an x-ray as well.
 – 3D visualization of the implants, together with the bone, the scanned
   prosthesis or scanning guide, the nerve, …
 – Various methods of measuring bone density: profile line, continuously
   displayed Hounsfield values that correspond to the position of the mouse
   cursor, and the bone density around an implant.
 – Contrast enhancement.
 – Optional preference setting for implant colors and for reformatting.

 Planning Tools
 – The user can easily make a dental reformat of the axial images, i.e.
   define a panoramic curve and create a panoramic image and cross-sectional
 – The software offers various tools for an ideal plan based on both surgical
   considerations (bone quality) and esthetical considerations (relationship
   of the implants to the proposed prosthetic structure): indication of
   anatomical landmarks, such as nerves; measurement of bone quality using
   Hounsfield values; bone density around an implant, measurement of distances
   in images, between implants, between implants and anatomical landmarks, …
 – The implants consist of 3 parts: fixture, abutment and restorative space,
   which is a prolonged version of a gold cylinder.
 – A database of implants is provided. The user can make his selection here
   or add new fixtures and abutments.
 – Implants can be moved, rotated and resized with the mouse in axial images,
   cross-sectional images, and panoramic images and in the 3D view.
 – A nerve wizard helps to highlight the alveolar nerve canal.
 – Automatic planning functions can place implants parallel/vertical, at
   a certain distance or between two implants.
 – The software offers tools to make reports of the plan, which can be used
   in communication with colleagues, with the patient, or at the time of
   surgery. Printed reports can contain patient data, implant specifications,
   2D or 3D views.
 – Multiple plans on one project are possible. Different plans can have
   a different range of images. All plans can be visualized together
   or separately.
 – The software offers a direct link with SurgiCase Guides!

 Servicing Tools
 – Print planning offers 1:1 printing of the complete data set: different 3D
   views, cross-sectional images, panoramic images, and axial images.
 – Distribution of SurgiCase Lite projects.
 – Creation of SurgiCase Planner and SurgiCase Pro projects.

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