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Landmark ARIES 2000.0

ARIES™ System Petroleum Economic Evaluation Software

Fast and flexible petroleum economic evaluation software

Companies want a fast and flexible tool to justify projects and plan their budgets, to assess the impact of price or ownership changes, and to roll up results in any arrangement. ARIES System answers these needs for operations, engineering and business teams so they can efficiently evaluate new projects, producing assets, potential acquisitions and reserves at any level of detail in an integrated environment.  Use key features such as a shared database, structured project and property management, decline-curve analysis and a fast economics engine to support management decisions at any level of your business.

Routinely used by:
• Reservoir engineers
• Business analysts and planners
• Production engineers
• Engineering technicians

Typically used for:
• Capital project authority for expenditure economic justification
• Well or asset reserves determination
• Acquisitions and divestitures
• Corporate reserves and project values
• Budgeting

Product:Landmark ARIES 2000.0