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Coade CaesarII 5.0

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CAESAR II Changes & Enhancements – Version 5.00 (10/05)

  • The following new piping codes have been added: EN-13480, GPTC/192, Z662 Ch 11.
  • The following piping codes have been revised due to “code” changes: B31.1, B31.3, B31.5, B31.8, B31.11, ASME NC, ASME ND, CODETI, TBK 5-6.
  • Additional codes and standards updated: API-610.
  • Added Ameron Bondstrand, and Conely FRP pipe specification files.
  • Added Binder (Australia) and PiHASA (Spain) spring hanger tables.
  • Added structural steel data bases from India and Japan.
  • The ability to perform dynamic analysis optionally using a consistent mass matrix. This obviates the need to re-mesh the model for better mass distribution.
  • The ability to perform an analysis using the “hot” material elastic modulus.
  • The static output processor has been enhanced to provide users with the ability to create custom, reusable reports.
  • The piping input processor has been revised to provide a combined view showing both the graphics and the spreadsheet. The new piping input processor has integrated the Piping Error Checker, and access to the configuration module has been provided. For debugging and problem solving, relevant sections of the spreadsheet can be torn off and placed on the graphics pane, allowing the spreadsheet to be hidden for larger graphics display. Additionally, sections of the model can be graphically selected and then modified.
  • Updated Intergraph and PCF interfaces.
  • An “Isogen” export facility has been added, allowing the creation of Isogen “stress isometrics”.

Added in-line flange rating evaluation per B16.5 and NC-3658.

Graphics Improvements:

  • Graphics rendering speed has been improved by 20% to 50% depending on the job.
  • Added additional controls to view corrosion and densities.
  • Added the ability to import an Autocad (CADWorx) model directly into the piping input, to provide visualization of supporting steel, vessels and other equipment.

product:Coade CaesarII 5.0