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FESTO FluidSIM 3.6

GRAFCET – the new graphical description language that describes the logical behaviour and operation of a control system or process – regardless of the technical software/hardware implementation.

The new FluidSIM® Version 4.2 lets you create GRAFCET plans according to the standard DIN EN 60848 standard. In simulation mode, you can observe and control the result step by step.

If you already use FluidSIM® 4.x, you can download the update for free from the download area of our website.

The versatile software package

FluidSIM® can be used to perform experiments, carry out simulations in real time and prepare lessons. It can also be used as a virtual modular control system and integrated into blended learning concepts. Version 4 features outstanding dynamic simulation, many new components and enhanced didactic material.

The lesson preparation tool

* Windows functionality: drag & drop, copy & paste, context-sensitive menus
* Copying of text and graphics to Word and PowerPoint
* Print preview, scaling and printing in all formats
* Integrated slide show: basic circuits, animated sectional views, instructional units, support for many Windows-compatible image and multimedia file formats
* Integrated fundamentals for pneumatics and hydraulics on video CD
product:FESTO FluidSIM 3.6