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ITTVIS ENVI 4.4.Linux64

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ENVI 4.4 Linux64 streamlines your image analysis workflow, and allows you to quickly and efficiently perform common routines, such as working with vector layers, pan sharpening images, conduct change detection, and much more.

And, ENVI 4.4 Linux64 gives you additional spectral processing and analysis capabilities – the core capabilities that make ENVI the choice of geospatial professionals worldwide.

A More Efficient
Image Processing Workflow

Capabilities in ENVI 4.4 Linux64 keep the image analysis workflow in mind, introducing new tools that allow you to perform both basic and advanced image processing routines easily and quickly, regardless of your experience level.

ENVI 4.4 Linux64 introduces SPEAR Tools ?a set of tools that allow defense and intelligence image analysts to perform both common and advanced image processing routines easily and quickly.

SPEAR tools allow you to easily:

  • Pan-sharpen images
  • Detect lines of communication
  • Find watercraft
  • Measure relative water depth
  • Conduct TERCAT (Terrain Categorization)
  • Perform change detection
  • Assess vegetation delineation and stress detection
  • Produce spectral analogues to find similar materials

Vector Layers in ENVI Zoom
ENVI 4.4 Linux64makes performing common vector layer tasks faster and more convenient by allowing you to access functionality through the intuitive ENVI Zoom interface to:

  • Import vector layers from virtually any source
  • Edit vector layers based on project requirements
  • Export vector layers to an ESRI Shapefile

Additional Visualization Tools in ENVI Zoom
The ENVI Zoom optional interface now includes several new tools designed that help make your workflow more efficient, including:

  • Up is Up button – Rotates an image so that buildings are aligned vertically with your monitor
  • Go To tool – Takes you automatically to an area defined by the coordinate locations you enter
  • Path history – Turn your view box path history on or off, and clear it on demand
  • Crosshair tool – See exact locations of a particular pixel or area of interest


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