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OptisWorks Studio 2007

Optis has launched the OptisWorks Studio product, which allows users ?
? to design both optics and mechanics using just one interface. No CAD ?
? software is required to work with OptisWorks Studio. ?
? ?
? This product is much more than 慽nteroperable?with other CAD ?
? software. It is based on a CAD engine. Users do not need to use import ?
? or export tools to design a complete product. OptisWorks Studio is the ?
? most comprehensive product to analyse and simulate light, optical ?
? design, and laser design serving a wide variety of industries ranging ?
? from automotive to optics. ?
? ?
? Users can deal with the whole process of product design and ?
? optimisation to improve product quality, reduce development costs and ?
? time, and increase competitiveness.The functionality available allows ?
? designers to work in a virtual opto-mechanical laboratory, called ?
? 憇tudio?to design and analyse optical, opto-mechanical, laser, and ?
? lighting systems. Designers can also read and translate all Pro/E and ?
? AutoCAD files thanks to the parametric import capabilities of the ?
? SolidWorks engine. ?
product:OptisWorks Studio 2007