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Sokkia MapSuite Plus V3.0.0 Build 304

.Sokkia, a leading supplier of survey processing software has changed the face of mapping again. Since Sokkia SDR Mapping & Design was first introduced, we began a tradition of introducing new technologies that would forever change the way measurements are stored and used to create maps and plans. This time we introduce a new fully Windows compatible system, MAPSUITE+(tm). MAPSUITE+(tm) offers existing users of Sokkia Mapping & Design software the opportunity to makethe transition to a modern Windows work environment with minimal outlay. Users of other mapping packages can also take advantage of MAPSUITE+(tm) for a relatively small cost. SokkiaBV can provide full support and training facilities for all modules. This Windows based system, combined with the professionalism of Sokkia BV, ensures that MAPSUITE+(tm) can provideyou with a true \”FIELD to FINISH\” solution. MAPSUITE + starts with the Foundation module which features upload/download functionality, limited CAD and plot facilities, data edit possibilities and limited import/export functionality. However, the MAPSUITE + Foundationmodule can be extended with additional modules like Survey, Design, Earthworks etc…
Product:Sokkia MapSuite Plus V3.0.0 Build 304