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SeisImager Pickwin v3.14; Plotrefa v2.73

nd interpretation software package that runs on Geometrics seismographs or on your PC. Before you leave for the field, draw a geologic cross section of your site and conduct a simulated survey with sophisticated modeling software that shows you the best way to configure your survey.Change the model so you can see what is detectable. Identify first breaks quickly right on the seismograph with an accurate automatic picker with manual override or afterwards on your PC. Clean up noisy data with comprehensive filtering and view all your prior picks simultaneously for shot-to-shot coherence. Simulate a complete seismic refraction survey. Draw velocity cross sections, ray trace them and display the travel time curves. Handles lateral velocity variations, velocity inversions and blind zones. Now includes: WaveEq is the program that reads the Pickwin file to analyze dispersion curves.[b]官方页面[/b]:[url][/url]
Product:SeisImager Pickwin v3.14; Plotrefa v2.73