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Nemetschek Vectorworks 2023

Nemetschek Vectorworks 2023

Nemetschek VectorWorks is an architectural and architectural design automation system for users engaged in landscape design and interior, architectural and interior design.

The integration with Parasolid geometry kernel and the two-way combination with innovative 3D modeling technology make 2D and 3D the best solution in the category of 3D modeling software for architecture. Nemetschek VectorWorks 2020 is based on the new Parasolid 3D core and provides bidirectional associations between all model elements. All changes will automatically reflect the software of the entire project, which is the cornerstone of modern information modeling in the construction industry and other industries.

With the Parasolid core alone, the dependence on Siemens is endless. With the release of VectorWorks 2021 series products, Nemetschek expanded its integration with Siemens PLM software engineering software department, integrating its D-Cube 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager module into its products.

Overview of major improvements of Nemetschek VectorWorks 2021:

-Improved 2D graphics tools and improved working surfaces;

-The correlative fringes are realized on drawings and models;

-Enhance the ability to import and export IFC, DWG and SKP files;

-Tools for "shaping" walls and simulating stairs have been added to deal with small building forms of lawn, park and parking lot design;

-Added tools for planning public activities and tools for simulating projection and lighting work (for IKNO theaters and entertainment complexes);

-The updated rendering mechanism now supports the DecalComania method of placing images on objects (in fact, you paste a planar virtual worksheet with images on complex model shapes) and advanced texture binding methods.

Nemetschek VectorWorks 2021 series includes the following modules:



Landmark (landscape design);

Spotlight (public activity facility design);

Machine Design



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