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Bentley OpenBridge Designer CONNECT Edition Release 1 version

Bentley OpenBridge Designer CONNECT Edition Release 1 version

OpenBridge Designer is a unique application that combines modeling, analysis and design to create a complex bridge project. The application makes use of the modeling function of OpenBridge Modeler and the analysis and calculation functions of Leap Bridge Concrete and Leap Bridge Steel to meet the design and construction requirements of steel and concrete bridges.

OpenBridge Designer provides enhanced interoperability by providing data access to Bentley\’s transportation infrastructure and master planning applications, as well as seamless connectivity with Bentley\’s bridge design and analysis applications. Project team members can use the conceptual model of OpenBridge Modeler in the design phase and workflow to analyze and evaluate the progress of each construction phase through Bentley\’s LEAP, OpenRoads Designer, ProStructures, ProjectWise and other applications.

With this general software, you will be able to improve performance through intuitive 3D bridge parametric modeling, create intelligent models, and improve the quality of design documents through intelligent data management and automatic drawing. This has fundamentally changed the implementation process of bridge construction projects.

Product:Bentley OpenBridge Designer CONNECT Edition Release 1 version