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Koch-Glitsch KG-TOWER v5.4.3

Koch-Glitsch KG-TOWER v5.4.3

Koch-Glitsch’s hydraulic rating software can assist you in the specification of mass transfer equipment, including conventional and high performance valve trays, severe service grid packing, and conventional and high performance random and structured tower packings.

Version 5.1 adds the ability to specify FLEXIPAC 2.5Y HC structured packing, AX wire gauze packing, INTALOX ULTRA random packing sizes T and O, and FLEXIPAC 3X plastic structured packing. Other features include:

– Enabling specification of dry mass or volume flow rate in gas density module.

– Number of layers input option for grid packing.

– Display of standard vapor rate.

– Separate vapor and liquid density units and wider selection of mass rate units.

Product:Koch-Glitsch KG-TOWER v5.4.3