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IDEA StatiCa is the world-leading software for steel connection design, member analysis, and code-checking concrete details.

Connection design is at the center of every steel project. So, stop making compromises. Steel connection design software IDEA StatiCa allows you to handle all types of bolted connections, welded connections, shear, axial and moment connections, and various steel connection details. 

  • Predefined templates for simple ones, visual modeling for the complex. 
  • Comprehensive reports. 
  • Automated BIM links with your FEA and CAD software.
  • Handle complexity of the concrete

    Concrete design is tricky. Do not rely on simplified tools with a limited set of ULS and SLS checks in concrete projects. IDEA StatiCa is a software for analysis and design of all concrete members and details. Model, optimize reinforcement, get a report with all the code-checks. DEA StatiCa automatically links with your software to let you export and synchronize data. This minimizes errors and repetitive work so you can focus on more crucial tasks – proper steel connection design or complete analysis and design of cross-sections, members, and details.

    Product:IDEA STATICA