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High speed displaying and editing of massive point cloud data sets.

Arena4D is our industry-leading point cloud visualisation and editing software. Powered by our XStreamEngine, Arena4D is capable of displaying and editing massive point cloud data sets on standard PC hardware, making it easier and cheaper for you to work with point cloud data. You can also generate ultra-HD-quality movies of your point clouds at the touch of a button, including 360 panoramic video.

Arena4D also features a unique GIS platform that enables you to combine multiple different datasets alongside point clouds, including imagery, panoramas, shape files, GPS tracks and much more. This gives you a complete 3D document showing you all your data in a single contextual view, which can be shared with other Arena4D users.

New for 2021, Arena4D now integrates with Zappcha, the new cloud storage and mobile capture solution for point clouds. Arena4D users have the option to save and load point cloud files from their Zappcha Cloud account, giving them instant access to their point cloud data from anywhere in the world.

Key features:

  • Markup, annotate, measure and edit your point clouds on standard PC hardware.
  • Export point clouds in common formats for use in other software packages.
  • Animate point cloud data to produce UHD videos and 360 panoramic videos.
  • Combine point cloud and other GIS data into a single view.
  • Integration with the Zappcha Cloud enables you to store 3D scan data in the cloud.