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CSI Perform3D v8.0.0 build 1134

Perform3D is a nonlinear analysis and design product focused on displacement-based and capacity design of buildings.


Nonlinear features include a number of nonlinear building components such as frame hinges, shear walls, dampers, braces, and seismic isolators.


The Perform3D analysis engine provides tools for performance-based design, including nonlinear pushover and dynamic earthquake analyses. The analysis engine is 64-bit and the product has the ability to run up to 8 analyses in parallel.

Performance Assessment

Perform3D includes a number of tools for measuring the response of model and assessing the behavior of the structure, including strain gage elements and deformation and strength capacity definitions on both elastic and inelastic components.

The limit state feature in Perform3D can be used to aggregate response data into demand-over-capacity ratios for ease of performance assessment.

Import and Export

Perform3D models can be exported from SAP2000 or ETABS and serve as a starting point for your Perform3D model.

Product:CSI Perform3D v8.0.0 build 1134