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VirutalLab FUSION V2020.2

VirutalLab FUSION V2020.2


Editions & Toolboxes

Our product policy regarding the toolbox concept changed a bit. We offer you the Fast Physical Optics Software Platform VirtualLab Fusion in the editions Basic and Advanced. On this basis you can expand your capabilities by adding different toolboxes (e.g. Diffractive Optics Toolbox, Light Guide Toolbox).​

You may start with a single toolbox or any combination of toolboxes. Each toolbox adds functionalities to your personal VirtualLab Fusion software package. All toolboxes work smoothly together on one platform with a common intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface.

New Applications and Features in VirtualLab Fusion 2021.1

The new version 2021.1 provides our users with solutions for more applications:

A new Microlens Array (MLA) Component enables accurate and fast modeling of the ever

increasing number of applications of MLA.

Any type of crystals can be included in system modeling by the new Crystal Plate Component.

Anisotropic layers can be added to all surfaces to exploit the extra freedom of polarization

control and multiplexing in optical systems.

We provide a Fiber Mode Calculator to analyze and investigate LP Bessel and LP Laguerre

modes for step index and parabolic index fibers.

LP modes are also used in the new Multimode Fiber Coupling Efficiency Detector, which

evaluates the overlap integral of the incident beam with the LP modes.

The new LP Mode Source allows the propagation of LP modes through any optical system.

With the new Multiple Source Component, we make the first step to significantly extend the

source modeling in VirtualLab Fusion by enabling the use of different and shifted sources.

In version 2021.1 we come with a new workflow which enables a seamless transition from ray

to full physical
optics modeling. This way we simplify the usage of the amazing modeling

features in VirtualLab Fusion.



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