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Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite 23.0.2

Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite 23.0.2

Mimics Innovation Suite

If your goal is to improve patient care, the patient’s anatomy is the right place to start. Medical image data thus serves as a powerful basis for engineers and researchers striving for solutions that will lead to safer and more predictable patient outcomes. 

The Mimics Innovation Suite was designed to make using medical image data for engineering purposes as easy and rewarding as possible.

As the industry-standard medical image-based engineering software and service, MIS puts you in control with the most advanced tools to support your mission to improve patient care.

The Mimics Innovation Suite software toolbox allows you to import medical image data (DICOM) and segment the anatomy to create accurate 3D models.

Use the 3D models as the starting points for advanced 3D analysis, planning, personalized device design, finite element meshing, or 3D printing. 

MIS offers a wide range of tools for orthopedic, cranio-maxillofacial, cardiovascular, respiratory, and other clinical applications.

Segment images faster and more intuitively, even for complex cases

  • More quickly interpret and segment images with metal artifacts using the metal artifact reduction tool


  • Reduce the learning curve and work faster with fewer mistakes, thanks to more consistent segmentation tools


  • Get a quick and realistic 3D visualization with the new volume renderer


  • Beta: Try out our AI-based automated segmentation tools for the heart and skull