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Optiwave OptiSystem 17.1

Optiwave OptiSystem 17.1

OptiSystem 17.1 provides some new features, improvements and fixes *Active maintenance & support users will receive an email with the upgrade instructions. NOTE FOR USB KEY LICENSES: You must update your USB key before installing the new version (please contact us)! Download Release Notes of OptiSystem 17.1


  • Provides global insight into system performance
  • Assesses parameter sensitivities aiding design tolerance specifications
  • Visually presents design options and scenarios to prospective customers
  • Delivers straightforward access to extensive sets of system characterization data
  • Provides automatic parameter sweep and optimization
  • Integrates with the family of Optiwave products


Created to address the needs of research scientists, optical telecom engineers, system integrators, students and a wide variety of other users, OptiSystem satisfies the demand of the evolving photonics market for a powerful yet easy to use optical system design tool.

OptiSystem enables users to plan, test, and simulate (in both the time and frequency domain):

  • Optical network designs including OTDM, SONET/ SDH rings, CWDM, DWDM, PON, Cable, OCDMA
  • Single-mode/multi-mode transmission
  • Free space optics (FSO), Radio over fiber (ROF), OFDM (direct, coherent)
  • Amplifiers and lasers (EDFA, SOA, Raman, Hybrid, GFF optimization, Fiber Lasers)
  • Signal processing (Electrical, Digital, All-Optical)
  • Transmitter and receiver (direct/coherent) sub system design
  • Modulation formats (RZ, NRZ, CSRZ, DB, DPSK, QPSK, DP-QPSK, PM-QPSK, QAM-16, QAM-64)
  • System performance analysis (Eye Diagram/ Q-factor/BER, Signal power/OSNR, Polarization states, Constellation diagrams, Linear and non-linear penalties)

Product:Optiwave OptiSystem 17.1