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Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL 2020

Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL 2020

ISTRAM is the most comprehensive and efficient application in the market to design civil engineering projects. Its power of calculation and global project conception are two of the features most valued by our customers.

Unlike other programmes, the working environment has been specifically designed to allow the engineer to automate geometrical data of the various elements of the project, obtaining graphic results and reports immediately, without needing to access complicated dialogue charts.

Its modular structure allows choosing from a simple configuration to roads and motorways, up to more comprehensive ones covering railway, distribution and supply projects through pipe networks, renewal and improvement of existing roads, development or mineral extraction projects, among others.

The support and development department is at your disposal directly and personally. If you have any queries, they will be resolved at once. If you propose a new functionality for the application, it will be programmed in a few days.

product:Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL 2020