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Interactive.Petrophysics.v4.5(ip 4.5)

Interactive.Petrophysics.v4.5(ip 4.5)

IP 2018 New Features

· NMR Interpretation module – the NMR interpretation module has has a major upgrade. New features include:

· Calculation of a T2 Wet – a T2 distribution with the Hydrocarbon signal removed, and replaced with a Water signal.

· Saturation Height Modeling – New options in the Capillary Pressure Functions and Saturation vs Height Curves modules have been added.

· User Equations may now be used to fit individual curves to each core plug;

· Wells can be grouped to share a common Free Water Level. This can be interactively edited on a multi-well plot.

· New Licensing System – The licensing system has been replaced with the new LiMBR system designed to work with all LR software products in the future.

· Coordinate Reference Systems – IP now supports a large number of Coordinate Reference Systems for well position. Please read the documentation for important information on upgrading existing IP wells to the new IP2018 format.

· Primary Well Identifier – The way in which wells can be identified in IP can now be adjusted between the following identifiers – Well Name, UWI or API

· Box and Whisker Plots – Single and Multi-Well Box and Whisker plots have been added.

· Star and Spectral Plots – Single and Multi-Well Star and Spectral plots have been added.

· Acoustic Processing Updates – New Reflection Processing Workflow. New Rose plots for Anisotropy Fast Angle display. Many other new enhancements.

· Production Logging Updates – New Velocity Calculation Module designed for PL Array tools considers changing spinner position and fluid holdup at every depth level.

· Brittleness Calculation – A new Brittleness Index has been added to Unconventional Toolbox Rock Mechanics

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