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AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 11.6

AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 11.6

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), a developer software applications and development tools for timely and cost-effective development and deployment of space, defense and intelligence missions, has released the 11.2 version of Systems Tool Kit (STK) is a physics-based software geometry engine that accurately displays and analyzes land, sea, air, and space assets in real or simulated time. Users can model the time-dynamic position and orientation of these assets via various propagation algorithms or external inputs.

The latest version of Systems Tool Kit (STK) is now available for your viewing pleasure. As it has been with previous releases of STK, version 11.2 continues to deliver an industry leading integration of analysis and visualization capability to its growing user community. While this latest version includes enhancements to the quality and performance of STK’s 4D (3D and time) environment, the more important changes are manifested under the hood and in the increased analytical capabilities available throughout various modules. Whether you’re evaluating UAV flight plans or designing a deep space asteroid rendezvous there is something new for you. A comprehensive list of new and upgraded features may be viewed here

About AGI

Analytical Graphics, Inc. develops commercial modeling and analysis software for the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities in the United States, Canada, and internationally. The company supplies software applications and development tools for modeling, engineering, and operations in the areas of space, cyberspace, aircraft, missile defense, C4ISR, and electronic systems. It offers a Systems Tool Kit to model complex systems, such as aircraft, satellites, and ground vehicles, as well as their sensors and communications in the context of the mission environment; software development kits; and an Orbit Determination Tool Kit that provides orbit determination and orbit analysis support for the entire life cycle of satellite tracking systems.


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