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CAD / CAM suite and high-performance package expanded

The latest version of the hyperMILL® CAD/CAM suite, Version 2019.1 will receive its Southern Manufacturing Exhibition debut at the Farnborough FIVE venue from 5th to 7th February 2019. As one of the leading manufacturers of CAD/CAM solutions, OPEN MIND has expanded both the finishing module of the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining Performance Package. Other highlights that will be shown on Stand B210 at the Farnborough FIVE event will include in-operation process-optimising improvements as well as new functions for reducing calculation times.


New Functions

New functions in the finishing module of hyperMILL® MAXX Machining include the "5-axis prismatic fillet finishing". Thanks to the geometry and automatic setting of the barrel cutter, this feature can be used in accordance with the principle of a high-feed milling cutter. The processing takes place in a plunging and pulling movement with an extremely high feed and this allows the highest machining performance possible with high-performance conical barrel cutters, also called circle segment or parabolic cutters. Ball and radius cutters can also be used efficiently with this strategy.

hyperMILL® 2019.1 – the process optimization at a glance

Thread milling options have been completely redesigned for hyperMILL® 2019.1 to improve convenience and user friendliness for the programmer. The module supports a variety of different thread milling cutter types and allows extremely easy selection of right-hand and left-hand threads or the definition of the milling direction from bottom to top or vice versa. The thread milling feature also offers automatic approach and retract macros, a selection of roughing options and simplified programming.

Thread Milling

Recognising the importance of thread milling operations, OPEN MIND has introduced a new thread milling feature to Version 2019.1. Simplifying operation for the programmer, the new thread milling package incorporates feed rate re-positioning, collision checking for the core diameter and it also generates a cycle output that is dependent upon the parameters of the process. With roughing options and the cycle output parameters, this new feature improves cutting tool performance and efficiency with a constant lateral in-feed and continuous chip flow. This new facility has been developed to work in conjunction with single tooth complete helix tools and multiple tooth tools with several rotations or a single rotation.


Spherical Face Analysis

To enhance user friendliness, the latest edition of hyperCAD-S introduces a series of polyline functions that include automatic trim, curve trim, split, extension or shortening and invert orientation and continuity to name a few functions.  From an analysis perspective, this enables users to create a bounding box to minimise volume, generate centre points and increase dimensions. To create greater efficiency when programming, the analysis of spherical faces and curved radii on faces with spheres can be identified with a colour map that simplifies use and identification of features for the programmer.

V-Sketch Geometry Extraction

In Version 2019.1 hyperMILL introduces the new V-Sketch module. This new feature allows users to extract a geometry from a model and adjust the model with respect to the tolerance band of specific part features. Offering a geometrical boundary for milling and turning, the associative support for V-sketch ensures the contour selection remains in-tact when a change is made by the programmer. This option enables hyperMILL users to insert radii and chamfers without having to select the geometry again.


3D Profile Finishing

Another offering in Version 2019.1 is the newly enhanced 3D Profile Finishing feature. Added to improve surface finishes and reduce the re-working or secondary finishing operations, this surface precision mode can be activated when working to tolerances below 5 microns. The NC calculated points back to a mathematical surface to optimise precision levels and surface finishes.