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Schlumberger omega 2017

Schlumberger omega 2017
The Omega geophysical data processing platform integrates comprehensive workflows and advanced algorithms with leading science, scalable processing, and unparalleled flexibility to unleash the potential of your geophysics data.

The Omega platform offers you powerful tools to transform your seismic, electromagnetic (EM), microseismic, or vertical seismic profile (VSP) data into intelligence you can use to reduce risks and increase your chances of success across the E&P life cycle.

From the field to the final image, the Omega platform helps you better understand your critical subsurface challenges and make better decisions.

Extend geophysics data processing into reservoir modeling by integrating the Omega platform with the Petrel E&P software platform. You can iterate your workflows from processor to interpreter, connecting data and expertise from different sources and formats to transform your data into knowledge.

Access leading-edge science with unmatched depth and breadth of functionality. With the Omega platform you can create customized, advanced workflows to help solve your geophysical challenges—all backed with our expert consultation, training, and support resources.

Boost productivity with the Omega platform in the following ways:


Scale from a single user workstation to a custom high performance computing infrastructure with the industry\’s foremost resource utilization capabilities.


Choose from more than 500 seismic function modules (SFMs) to create the optimal workflow for your data and use an SDK to build new SFMs with your own algorithms.


Easily and intuitively manage seismic projects and data, build workflows, QC processing results, visualize and analyze data, and interactively generate statics and velocity solutions.


Concentrate on geophysics thanks to a database-driven project model, automated data management, job submission, and detailed history.

Discover the possibilities of the Omega platform. To learn more, explore the links or request more information
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