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Techsoft ASTRA Pro v22 r2

Techsoft ASTRA Pro 22r2
ASTRA Pro software from TechSOFT Engineering Services is based on Structural modeling technique and is today’s established name in offering the users all the facilities of structural analysis in the simplest way. It accepts User’s data in the form of Text Data or Interactive data. It offers the facility to use commonly formatted data structures to create automatic modeling and then to go for Analysis to generate Detail Report to display visual presentation of Animated model for Load deflection and finally to create CAD drawings for Reinforcement Detailing, 3D dynamic rotation view, Bar bending schedule and Take off quantity. In Structural engineering various software products are available in the market, but the essence of Astra lies in its simplicity for applications which is a very complex process and such simplicity is hardly available in other market available products. AstrA has its own powerful CAD engine and is best appreciated for its Features, Completeness, Versatility, Fastest Processing, Simplicity, Format and details of report and Exchangeability of Input / Output with other commonly used Structural Engineering software and all popular CAD software.
Applications for Structural Analysis:

Static Analysis of Structures for Member Load, Joint Load, Area Load, Repeat Load, etc.
Dynamic Analysis of Structures for Response Spectra,
Dynamic Analysis of Structures for Eigen Values,
Dynamic Analysis of Structures for Time History Analysis,
Use of Beam, Truss, Plate/Shell elements,
Analysis of Bridge Deck by Grillage method,
Analysis of Bridge Deck with Moving Loads IRC Class A, 70R Tracked and Wheeled, Class AA etc,
Analysis of Multi Storeyed Building Frame Structures for Member End Forces & Support Reactions,
In-built CAD graphics is applied to display Structural geometry and various results instantly

Applications for Design of Bridges:

Design of RCC T_Beam Bridge with Deck Slab, Long and Cross Girders with Analysis.
Design of RCC & Steel Composite Bridge with Deck Slab and Steel Girders with Analysis,
Design of Pre Stressed Girder Bridges , with Analysis,
Design of PSC Box Girder Bridge with Analysis,
Design of Cable Stayed Bridge by Analysis
Design of Steel Built up Plate Girder Railway Bridges with Analysis,
Design of Open Web Girder Steel Truss Bridge with Computation of DL, SIDL, LL and Analysis
Design of Steel Warren Truss Bridges with Analysis,
Design of RCC Cantilever and Counter fort Abutments with Seismic effects
Design of RCC Pier with Analysis
Design of Bridge Bearing
Design of RCC Well Foundations
Design of RCC Pile Foundations,
Computing Stream Hydrology & Hydrograph with DTM, Contours of Catchment Terrain
Computing Scour Depth & Founding Depth by Hydrological calculations for
The designs are produced with Detail Report and Reinforcement Detailing drawings
In-built CAD graphics system is applied for General Arrangement, Reinforcement Detailing etc.

Applications for Design of Culverts and Underpasses:

Design of RCC Box Culvert.
Design of Single & Multi pipe Culvert,
Design of RCC Slab Culvert,
Design of RCC Pedestrian Underpass,
Design of RCC Vehicular Underpass,
The designs are produced with Detail Report and Reinforcement Detailing drawings
In-built CAD graphics system is very sophisticated with drawing and dimensions
Product:Techsoft ASTRA Pro v22 r2