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CMG SUITE 2017.1

CMG SUITE 2017.1
CMG develops market-leading reservoir simulation software, which is recognized worldwide
as the industry standard for advanced recovery processes.
CMG\’s superior technology continues to break new ground for capabilities — simulating the simple to the most advanced recovery processes through a combination of
easy-to-use model building workflows, state-of-the-art solver technology & Parallel processing, dynamic gridding and cross-disciplinary multi-physics (e.g. thermal effects,
geochemistry, geomechanics, fluid and phase behavior, wellbore hydraulics and completions) required to accurately model recovery processes.
CMOST AI extends your capabilities and potential to improve business decisions and processes. Identify the best solution for your reservoir by combining advanced statistical analysis, machine learning and non-biased data interpretation with your engineering expertise.
IMEX models primary and secondary oil recovery processes in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
Product:CMG SUITE 2017.1