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Paradigm Sysdrill 10.5 SP1

Paradigm Sysdrill 10.5 SP1
The Paradigm® Sysdrill® integrated suite of well planning and drilling software solutions helps operating and drilling service companies enhance well planning accuracy, reduce drilling risk and uncertainty, quantify wellbore position and precision, and improve drilling safety. Paradigm software is a contractor-independent solution that helps customers make drilling decisions, independent of drilling service companies.
Fixed Problems
The following problems have been fixed in Sysdrill 10.5 SP 1:

DRILL-2484 Send and Receive Buttons Missing from Simulated Wellbore Editor
DRILL-3273 Wellpath sheet Crash
DRILL-3347 Covariance matrix report zero for read-only wellbore
DRILL-3415 Unused Well Targets Not Imported Correctly
DRILL-3417 No installation label on map view
DRILL-3428 Propagation mode not saving
DRILL-3431 Slot RKB Magic not working
DRILL-3461 Scale after clipping
DRILL-3493 3D viewer web page has incorrect encoding
DRILL-3494 Swab Surge Failure
DRILL-3495 Turbulent flow solution fails
DRILL-3496 Buckling Hookload Lines
DRILL-3512 Labels in saved plots
DRILL-3513 Plotting details was lost
DRILL-3515 Casing Coupling Connection details cause crash
DRILL-3517 Cannot define casing connections on a cross-over joint
DRILL-3521 Problem if choosing fulfilling AWB as parent wellbore
DRILL-3541 Missing CheckDBIntegrity for 10.6
DRILL-3552 Sensitivity Crash
DRILL-3556 Major Axis Ellipse Report Broken

DRILL-3562 Formation tops TVDSS paste error
DRILL-3581 Add stack trace logging to vexGenerate
DRILL-3582 2DXS solution fails at 0 inc at target
DRILL-3584 Crash after rename template
DRILL-3587 IPM better error on exception
DRILL-3595 Material Grade Combo Not Connected
DRILL-3597 Spreadsheet controls become disabled
DRILL-3601 GenPlot Targets drawn incorrectly in Section View with field reference
DRILL-3604 Traveling cylinder plot – can’t change background
DRILL-3605 Load Case Editor – Restore Defaults
DRILL-3609 Volume calc shows wrong annular volume
DRILL-3611 Tool-tips missing for Actual Wellpath
DRILL-3612 Mismatch in Plan vs Actual azimuth graph
DRILL-3614 Isometric view wall shadow function broken
DRILL-3615 Isometric view plot options broken
DRILL-3625 Art not correctly restored from template
DRILL-3632 Wellpath set has incorrect North Ref and Conv Angle
DRILL-3634 Plotting from field shows ellipses in wrong place
DRILL-1768 Support for UNC paths
DRILL-2468 Add support for Wellview 10
DRILL-2508 Add ability to export to LAS with IO Wizards
DRILL-2686 Add new column in assemblies

DRILL-3323 Fix translator tool
DRILL-3342 Email link to 3D viewer needs updating
DRILL-3498 Load magnetic models at startup
DRILL-3504 Hungarian Coordinate System
DRILL-3506 Add user/server details to status/title bar
DRILL-3540 Add BGGM 2016
DRILL-3549 Support more columns on target spreadsheet
DRILL-3553 Axial Yield Derated for Casing Wear
DRILL-3554 Error model import get Gyro terms wrong
DRILL-3565 Proprietary connections require too much information
DRILL-3578 Update HDGM Package
DRILL-3630 Cannot send SWB and projection to an external source
Product:Paradigm Sysdrill 10.5 SP1