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DS BIOVIA Materials Studio 2017 v17.1.0.48

Announcing BIOVIA Discovery Studio 2017 R2

Built on BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot 2017 R2, BIOVIA Discovery Studio 2017 R2 stands as BIOVIA’s major release for predictive sciences and modeling and simulation in the life sciences.

Small Molecules affinity modeling
Rank ligand binding using In situ MM-GBSA scoring
Accurately predict relative ligand binding energy using free energy perturbation (FEP)
Rational Antibody design
Model full-length bispecific antibody structures
Graft Fab models onto full-length templates
Antibody cascade modeling workflow now supports grafting full length structures
Enhanced De Novo Loop prediction
CHARMM 41b1 support
Full support of CHARMM patching mechanism
Custom improper definition support
Generate export files for 3D Printing of molecular models
Enhanced antibody workflow components for protocol authoring
Product:DS BIOVIA Materials Studio 2017 v17.1.0.48
Size:2.5 GB