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CODE V 11.0

CODE V SpecBuilder and SpecEvaluator Tools
CODE V version 11.0 introduces the CODE V SpecBuilder™ and SpecEvaluator™ tools. Optical system designers typically use a table of specifications and goals to describe the requirements and design objectives for an optical system. In CODE V, you can use the SpecBuilder tool to create a Specifications and Goals Table. At any point in your project cycle you can use the SpecEvaluator tool to evaluate your optical system against specs and goals to help ensure that a design meets specs, as well as to maintain continuity and consistency between design versions, multiple designers and design phases.

The simple, intuitive CODE V SpecBuilder tool lets you quickly build a complete set of optical design project specifications and goals.

Provides a structured way to agree upon, document, track and report on requirements throughout the life of an optical design project
Includes a wide variety of specifications based on Synopsys optical engineering and industry expertise
In addition to a wide range of pre-built specifications, is highly customizable using CODE V Macro-PLUS™ to include specialized metrics
Brings high-level attention to the importance of defining and monitoring specifications at all stages of a design


The CODE V SpecEvaluator tool allows you to instantly assess your optical system design versus project specifications.

Single-click update runs evaluations to gauge design progress and help keep your project on track
Incorporates quality monitoring into the design process and helps manage project quality assurance to avoid errors or miscommunications, especially in multi-team environments
Product:CODE V 11.0