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ORA CODE V v10.8

ORA CODE V v10.8
CODE V 10.8 supports the design of high-performance asymmetric and freeform optical systems with algorithmic enhancements that yield highly accurate computations of optical system parameters and enable precise control of those parameters during design optimization. In addition, CODE V 10.8 provides customers with extended aspheric lens formulations, new ways to customize workflows, and an expanded materials library.

Enhanced Computations for Systems without Symmetry

CODE V 10.8 includes algorithmic enhancements to yield highly accurate first-order computations during ray tracing of asymmetric optical systems, including those with tilted and decentered components and freeform surfaces. The computations are based on a rigorous approach that analyzes the matrix optics behavior of imaging systems, and allows superior control of the optical system baseline attributes when using CODE V’s powerful optimization engine. This approach is particularly useful for the analysis of systems such as helmet-mounted displays, optics-enabled wearables, segmented aperture telescopes, heads-up displays, and unobscured reflective systems.

Macro-PLUS Enhancements

CODE V’s Macro-PLUS™ capabilities offer optical designers flexibility to automate and streamline their optimization, analysis, and tolerancing workflows. CODE V 10.8 includes several new built-in optical functions, improved access to optical database information, and updated example macros to further extend the ability of users to customize CODE V to their own requirements.

NHG Glass Catalog

CODE V has added the NHG glass catalog from Hubei New Huaguang Information Materials Co., Ltd. to the program’s materials library. The NHG catalog has been integrated into CODE V features such as Glass Expert, which automatically selects the best set of glasses for a lens design that maximize performance while controlling manufacturing costs.
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