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LightTools 8.4

LightTools 8.4
LightTools 8.4 delivers new modeling, simulation and expert features for all types of illumination system design.
Hybrid Simulation Option

In addition to forward and backward simulations available in previous releases, LightTools now also provides a hybrid simulation option specifically designed to deliver efficiency improvements for models with predominately scattering surfaces. To benefit from this new feature, models must exhibit specific characteristics.

Ray trace efficiency for models that can benefit from a hybrid simulation can be significant. Hybrid simulations are useful for evaluating the illuminance and luminance on diffuse surfaces like luminaire and dashboard panels.
LightTools 8.4 – Hybrid Simulatiom

Capability for Creating and Managing Configurations

This version of LightTools provides a capability for defining configurations, which allows you to create and store variations of a design in a single model. You can define and manage configurations that include parts with different sizes, shapes, properties, or arrangements — to evaluate performance, for example, or to create multiple designs for related uses. You can switch from one configuration to another with a mouse click to analyze and optimize any variation of the model.
LightTools 8.4 – Configuration Manager

Light Guide Designer

The Light Guide Designer helps you create and optimize light guide systems for spatial uniformity of flux extraction (within a specified cone angle) and for angular centroid pointing direction. It can make light guides, add prism extractors created using 3D textures, and add receivers, sources, and reflectors, as well as other items needed for designing light guide systems
Product:LightTools 8.4