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LightTools 8.2

LightTools Illumination Design Software
LightTools 8.2 delivers new options for modeling and optimizing complex lighting systems.
3D Textures on Curved Surfaces

LightTools 3D textures, which allow you to model large patterns of repeating structures on a surface, can now be applied to curved surfaces in LightTools. This feature provides a high degree of control, speed and flexibility for the placement of 3D texture elements, and is particularly useful for the design of backlit displays, optics for luminaires, LED coupler optics, and automotive lighting and light pipes.
LightTools 8.2 – 3D Textures on Curved Surfaces

Unified Glare Rating Utility

Unified Glare Rating (UGR) indicates the approximate glare of lamps for a given observer location and arrangement of luminaires in a rectangular room. The Unified Glare Rating Utility provided with LightTools calculates the UGR and allows designers to optimize their luminaires to automatically improve the glare rating. The utility uses standard conditions as defined in CIE190:2010 (the latest specification provided by the International Commission on Illumination).
LightTools 8.2 – Unified Glare Rating Utility

Polarization Enhancements

A Polarization Data option has been added to the Ray Data File Export Options dialog box so that you can include polarization data when you export receiver ray data.

A new receiver filter has been added to allow you to capture ray data pertaining to a linear polarizer.
Product:LightTools 8.2