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Applied Flow Technology Arrow v6.0.1100

Applied Flow Technology Arrow v6.0.1100
AFT Arrow
Compressible Pipe Flow Analysis & System Modeling Software

AFT Arrow is a fluid dynamic simulation tool used to calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in gas piping and ducting systems.

Designed for compressible flow systems containing:

Compressed air
Chemical and petrochemical process gases
Natural gas transport
And many more
AFT Arrow is particularly useful for:

AFT Arrow Video

Pipe and Duct Sizing
Relief valve sizing and system calculations
Compressor and Fan sizing and Selection
Control Valve sizing and Selection
Simulating System operation and component interaction
Choked Flow calculations
Evaluating pipe insulation and heat transfer in pipes and heat exchangers
Troubleshooting existing systems to determine the cause of operational problems
product:Applied Flow Technology Arrow v6.0.1100