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Missler Topsolid 2015 v7.9

With TopSolid, users can change the name of a part at any time, without having to worry about losing the reference in the assemblies that use it. Parts and assemblies undergoing modifications are made known to all, thanks to the vault option. You can work in offline mode by reserving parts and assemblies for modification, and then reassembling them, without being disrupted by another simultaneous modification.
Native and transparent PDM, a discrete and loyal companion

All the software\’s inputs/outputs are controlled by a management tool that controls the links between the parts, the assemblies and, more generally, all the documents in the project (movements, name changes, etc.).

Changes of indexes and minor/major revisions of parts and subassemblies
Work in \”remote\” and \”collaborative\” modes
Secure data
Searches and use cases
Track changes

Simple, user-friendly software…

Dialog boxes
Powerful undo and redo functions
On-the-fly creation and use of functional elements (planes, axes, coordinates, etc.)

… that automatically stores and files to allow for easy reworking

Entity tree
Operation tree
Chronology management
Invalidity management
Complexity management

Outstanding modeling capacity

Mechanical design basics: holes, threads, grooves, slots, etc.
Sheet metal work: folds, flanges, rolled edges, edge breaks, corner breaks, cavities, etc.
Mechanically-welded chassis: sections on wire drawings, join cuts, welds, etc.
Foundry parts, plastics, thermo-forming, etc. A powerful surface and volume modeler (Parasolid)
Tubes, wires, tubing

Software for mechanics

Mechanical features specially adapted to manufacturing that can be directly and automatically machined with TopSolid\’Cam and TopSolid\’Sheetmetal
Quick, standardized and efficient drawing
Extensive and varied component libraries: screws, roller bearings, circlips, retaining rings, sections, etc.
Product:Missler Topsolid 2015 v7.9
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