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Missler TopSolid Wood 2015 v6.16

Missler TopSolid Wood 2015 v6.16
Missler Software, France\’s leading publisher of CAD-CAM/ERP software, has released update of TopSolid\’Wood 2015 — an integrated software solution for the wood industry.
TopSolid’Wood is a comprehensive design and manufacturing solution for the wood industry. It is the only integrated CAD/CAM solution for the wood industry that meets the demands of both manufacturers and subcontractors in the sector.

Several improvements to the 2015 version help the user save a considerable amount of time.

Details of the main new features that you will be able to discover at Stand 6304 from July 22-25, 2015 are as follows:

– A new and realistic rendering engine
In particular, it allows for quicker and improved image calculations and more precise definitions of materials and finishes with more realistic lighting.
– New design functions
For example, morphing allows you to generate a series of profiles from the reference profiles.A cell gives you the possibility to automatically create closed profiles on a batch of open profiles; and with Division, you can automatically create parts resulting from a batch of closed profiles.
– Even more efficient components
TopSolid\’Wood gives you the option to add material in automatic processes and allows for automatic management of asymmetrical assemblies.
– Improvements for designers
The Ease of use (creation of indexes, positioning of constraints, etc.), Drafting (automatic dimensioning, trim parts, etc.) and Automatic numbering and coding were all improved.
– And with TopSolid\’WoodCam, essential tools are at your disposal for optimal machining.
For example, sharing the tools database, adjusting the turn-over method for multiple machining of nesting, verifying that the material is removed from all parts of a nesting or an assembly, or new etching options (sharp angles and plunges/up movements on gradients).
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