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TopSolid 7, The Integrated CAD/CAM/ERP Solution, offers many exciting new capabilities for all your product design, analysis, and manufacturing needs.

The following list highlights the Top 10 Reasons to choose TopSolid 7.

Improved performances

Up to 30% Gain compared to other « old-technology » CAD Software
Loading « On-Demand » of parts / assemblies
Large assemblies management
High-speed 2D projection

Intuitive User Interface

Easy to use, easy to learn (reduce by 50% the learning curve)
Drag & Drop, Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo history
Dialog on document
Create construction entities « on the fly »

Built-In PDM

Integrated in the interface, not an additonal product !
Quickly search for product information managed by TopSolid
Manage versions with ease
Perform all data management activities directly within (rename, …)
Vault and Manage non-TopSolid files as well

Concurrent Engineering

Work with all your collaborators on the same database
Define « Users Rights » & « Authorizations »
Anyone, Anywhere (local or distant), All connected
Communicate using PDM Messenger

« Pack-In-Tree » System

Organize Entities in a tree for you ! (sketches, operations, …)
« Standardize » your design
Easier to understand design of your collaborators
Quicker to analyse and modify history of an existing part
Intuitive interactions with the graphical area (drag & drop, …)

Mixed Assembly Design

Top-Down & Bottom-Up design, chronologically based
Unique and high-performance « In-Place Design »
Synchronize parts in their assembly context
Use representation (Detailled, Simplified) to optimize performances

A mechanism is a mechanism…

No restrictions on the selected assembly method (In-Place, …)
Define kinematics joints, and animate ! (Pivot, Gears, Rack, …)
Calculate loads on joints
Define dynamics conditions (gravity, external loads, …)
Visualize results with an embedded graph

Perfect Tool for the Mechanical Industry

Mechanical features (holes, tapped holes, counterbores, …)
Sheetmetal features (flange, bends, forming components)
Welded frames features (profiles, cuts, weldings, …)
Fast, normalized and high-performance 2D drawing features
« FreeShape » features (pull faces, resize faces, …)

Store and Use your Company Know-How

Component/Wizard/Process, a perfect trilogy
Manage families and versions with ease
Articulated components, at any level of the assembly
Redefine intelligence on imported components (TraceParts, Cadenas)

Completely Re-Written, Open Platform

Using latest development technologies (C#, .net)
Handle latest hardware technologies (Multi-Core, Render Engine, …)
Live and incremental updates (Connect & Update !)
High performance realistic rendering engine (RedWay 3D)
Exchange data with most CAD Softwares on the market
Parasolid, AutoCAD (*.dwg, *.dxf) ACIS, IGES, Step
Catia v4, v5, Pro/E, UG,SW, SE, Inventor
Lanaguage:Multi Language