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Intergraph SmartSketch 2014

Key Features

The many features and associated capabilities provided by SmartSketch include:

SmartSketch automatically creates and maintains relationships between geometric elements, substantially reducing editing time, providing rapid prototyping during design iterations, and improving design accuracy and time.
SmartSketch allows users to investigate \”what if\” design scenarios by driving them as functions of various design parameters.
CAD Translation
SmartSketch translates/references data from other CAD products, allowing you to view, edit, or redline CAD data.
Microsoft Office-Compatible
SmartSketch provides cut, copy, paste, and link capabilities among Microsoft Windows® applications, allowing users to create compound project documentation with graphics, text, and spreadsheet information.
Intelligent Symbols
SmartSketch enables behaviors on symbols to automatically snap to geometry, align, and rotate during placement, reducing the number of steps required to add/modify symbols.
product:Intergraph SmartSketch 2014