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schlumberger forgas v10.5.5


The software products PIPEFLO, WELLFLO, FORGAS, and PIPESYS have now become part of the Schlumberger software portfolio. Schlumberger recognizes the value users associate with the software products and is committed to integrating the technology from PIPEFLO, WELLFO, FORGAS, and PIPESYS with its existing software offerings.
Schlumberger analytical tools and simulators empower engineers—delivering solutions for an unmatched range of design and operational needs—for any well and any field. For more than three decades, Schlumberger has leveraged the experience gained working with industry—from our customers, our field organization, and universities—to ensure rigor and results accuracy in simulation technology that incorporates sound engineering principles and the latest science.

The result is a suite of software technologies that work with the Avocet production operations platform to connect the reservoir and wells to operations and deliver the right design the first time. OFM well and reservoir analysis software delivers online production forecasting, analysis, and production problem diagnosis for proactive remediation and prevention. PIPESIM and OLGA multiphase simulators deliver the industry’s most comprehensive flow simulation solutions for optimized design and operational performance.

Backed by comprehensive support, training, and consultancy, our production engineering products and services help you reach the next level in the digital oilfield and integrated operations.
Product:schlumberger forgas v10.5.5