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1. SolidCAM 2014 SP3HF1 64bit Setup

1.1. Download SolidCAM2014_SP3HF1_English_64bit.iso and one or more archives with language localization needed from folder ..Win64Localizations

1.2. Install SolidCAM 2014 SP3HF1 English 64bit

1.3. Unpack all folder from your localization archive to (by default C:Program FilesSolidCAM2014) and overwrite original ones

2. USB-HASP-Emulator Setup


For SolidCAM 2014 SP3HF1 you need to register new dump (solidcam2011_sp8_hf1_2012.reg) and restart USB-HASP-Emulator

To install emulator you need Administrator rights!
To install emulator for Win Vista or Win7 you need to boot computer in mofe F8 > Enable Enforcement Unsigned drivers!
Moreover you need to use boot mode F8 > Enable Enforcement Unsigned drivers at every reboot of computer!

2.1. Copy folder ..Win64_SolidSQUAD_USB-Emul_Win64 to C:

2.2. Register dump (run \”solidcam2011_sp8_hf1_2012.reg\” and confirm to add info in Windows Registry)

2.3. Run ..USB_Emul_Win64install.bat and wait until system will find and install new devices
Lanaguage:Multi Language