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Lumerical MODE Solutions Ver.7.1.231

Supporting an eigenmode solver as well as various methods for simulating guided propagation of optical fields over long distances, MODE Solutions is an ideal tool for the design, analysis and optimization of guided components. The eigenmode solver accurately calculates the physical properties of guided modes in truly arbitrary waveguide geometries. The 2.5D varFDTD solver in MODE Solutions enables rapid and accurate simulation of planar waveguide geometries such as SOI tapers and ring resonators, whereas the eigenmode expansion (EME) solver is ideal for simulating long distance light propagation in waveguide devices such as spot-size converters, tapers and Bragg gratings.

When combined with DEVICE, Lumerical’s optoelectronic solver, MODE Solutions provides a powerful tool for the design and analysis of active components such as high speed optoelectronic modulators.

Along with FDTD Solutions, INTERCONNECT and DEVICE, MODE Solutions is a key part of Lumerical’s comprehensive photonic design and analysis tools. All of Lumerical’s solvers provide support for data import/export and integration into common EDA tools, enabling complete product design flows from component architecture and optimization to large scale device and system design.

Reduced development costs and speed time-to-market with highly-accurate, virtual prototyping
Deliver robust designs by quantifying the effect of manufacturing tolerances on design performance
Innovate new design concepts with flexible, easy-to-use design software
product:Lumerical MODE Solutions Ver.7.1.231
Size:489 MB