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Furgo Jason V8.4

Furgo Jason V8.4
Jason 8.4 offers exceptional value to customers facing challenges in their shale reservoirs. Jason’s technology helps them define the reservoir container, determine optimal zones for hydraulic fracturing and avoid water incursion into the reservoir. As a result, companies can maximize production and cut costs though more efficient use of frac fluid. In steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) heavy oil plays, more reliable reservoir characterization translates into reduced steam-to-oil (SOR) ratios.

Quality Controls for Greater Accuracy

For both conventional and unconventional projects, built-in quality controls in Jason 8.4 provide customers with greater confidence in estimating reservoir properties and allow companies to leverage the value of their seismic investment across the workflow from exploration and development through production. Jason 8.4 consistently delivers accurate reservoir properties that match the subsurface geology. This helps Jason’s customers facilitate well planning and match drilling template designs with field development needs.
Product:Furgo Jason V8.4