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OPTIS OptisWorks 2014 for win32_win64

The complete simulation solution for the design, analysis, optimization and virtual prototyping of any product where optics, light or human vision are critical design elements.

The seamless integration with SolidWorks® that provides an identical platform for both optical and mechanical engineers and designers, significantly reducing the design cost and time to market.

the new geometrical modeling capabilities dedicated to optical and lighting system design (Optical Shape Design).
The reusable simulation during the design iteration phase that offers an up to 80% time saving.
Direct 2D Illuminance simulation makes illumination characterization easier.

User can get illuminance maps of any lighting system output in very few seconds without the noise generated by Monte Carlo propagation.
Users save time when making the same measurements on simulation results by associating measure templates directly to sensors.

Templates offer direct access to standard measurements.
Users can easily check the fulfillment of measures against regulation standards or User Defined specifications.

Rules allow the ability to test measures against defined targets.

Rule results can be reviewed in the simulation report.
Users can set and orientate the intensity library file of sources thanks to the diagram visualization in the 3D environment of SolidWorks.

This improvement provides additional visual information regarding the source.
Product:OPTIS OptisWorks 2014 for win32_win64