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Sulsim simulates sulphur recovery units (SRUs) as individual cases. Each case is composed of one or more trains of sulphur process units, unified by a process pipe. Inlet gas streams enter the process from a train source and optional inlet stream source units.

The process flowsheet, which schematically displays the SRU structure, is a line or three-dimensional drawing created in the case window using process building tools. The type of operations that can be performed on the flowsheet depends upon the current operation mode selected by the user.

Access to the tools required to add, remove and position process units on the flowsheet are available to the user when in build mode. External gas streams and internal bypasses of materials and heat can be added to the flowsheet using the pipe mode options. Custom repositioning of the flowsheet components without fear of accidental deletions or insertions, can be performed in move mode.

The user is permitted to enter various data input parameters to fully define the operations of the process units installed on the flowsheet. Sulsim provides a default value for all data required so that the user need only enter available data and a simulation can proceed. Access to input windows for process unit and gas stream input specification are made available to the user in input mode and (optionally) build mode.

Once the case flowsheet has been built, and the known data entered for each process unit and inlet stream, a chemical simulation of the process is run in order to obtain information about the process performance, materials, unit outlet conditions, etc. Prior to attempting to run the case, the structure of the flowsheet can be verified for correctness. Access to the run, verification and output table viewing functions are available to the user when run mode is selected.
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