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Bentley.WaterGEMS. SS4

WaterGEMS is an easy-to-use hydraulic and water quality modeling solution for water distribution systems.
It features advanced interoperability, model building, optimization, and asset management tools. WaterGEMS runs on your choice of four platforms (stand alone, Microstation, AutoCAD, or ArcGIS). From fire-flow and constituent-concentration analyses, to energy-consumption and capital-cost management, WaterGEMS helps engineers and utilities analyze, design, and optimize water distribution systems. Water utilities, municipalities, and design engineering firms trust WaterGEMS as a reliable, resource-saving, decision-support tool for their water infrastructure. Criticality Analysis allows users to find the weak links in a water system and assess the adequacy of isolation valves. They depend upon its robust hydraulic analysis, practical model management, eloquent result interpretation tools, and unrivaled ease of use.
Product:Bentley.WaterGEMS. SS4
Size:228 MB