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The following changes have been made to TANK 2012:

Version 2012 (4.0)

TANK 2012 was updated to the latest API Code, 11th Edition, Addendum 3.
User defined Wind pressure versus Elevation in lieu of the built in API (ASCE-7) Wind load method.
Anchor Chair calculations have been added that include formulas and substitutions.
The user interface has also been updated.
The output processor has also been updated and some new features added.
The TANK User\’s Guide has been re-organized to include additional task-oriented topics and enhanced information.
A separate Installation Guide is now available that include troubleshooting topics. Previously the installation instructions were included as part of the TANK User\’s Guide. You can access the Installation Guide in .pdf format from the TANK Installation splash screen as well as from the TANK Main menu Help item. Click On-line Documentation.
Additional help topics are available through the F1 one-click field-level help topic access.
A Material Database Editor is available.
Addendum 3 of the 11th edition of API 650 changed several equations that might impact existing tank designs. In many cases, results from previous analysis will differ from the analysis performed in TANK 2012.

Some of the API 650 Code changes that might affect your results are: (Required shell thickness) (Frangible roof area, revised equation)
5.11.2 (Uplift criteria altered)
Table 5-1b (Corrosion removed from determination of product stress)
F.4.1 (changed equation for P to use Dlr)
F.4.2 (changed equation for Pmax to use Dlr)
F.5.1 (changed the equation for A to use Dlr)
Appendix V (joint efficiencies removed from various equations)
For a complete TANK revision history, see Appendix F – Revision History.
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