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Used worldwide by consulting engineering firms, government transportation organizations, contractors, and project consortia, RM Bridge sets the standard for both routine and signature bridge design and delivery. Routinely deployed on record-breaking projects, it continues to grow its reputation for solving complex engineering challenges.

Engineers use RM Bridge to solve virtually any engineering challenge, and they depend on the software to deliver more than structural analysis results. RM Bridge enables engineers to take a more integrated approach in the creation and construction of bridge systems, which in turn reduces risk and helps deliver top-performing bridges.

Comprehensive, Integrated Offering
RM Bridge is a family of integrated software applications that enables users to solve any engineering problem in a single engineering environment. Engineering organizations no longer spend valuable time re-inputting information or re-engineering data midstream. RM Bridge users develop and analyze a consistent bridge model in a continuous cycle, greatly increasing engineering efficiency. The system ensures accuracy and fidelity of the bridge information as it is seamlessly reused, refined, and reprocessed across the design, engineering, and construction phases.

RM Bridge also performs 4D time-dependent analysis, providing immeasurable benefits throughout the design-to-construction process. The ability to model a bridge over time brings a wealth of analysis possibilities and delivers real-world results for construction sequencing and erection control. Through time-stepped analysis, engineers can consider all types of nonlinearity.

Comprehensive analysis and proof-checking procedures can be run at any time. RM Bridge allows easy modification of bridge model parameters so that users can quickly make changes without recreating new parametric and analytical models. The system comprehensively analyzes all changes for all results.

Key Components:

RM Bridge Professional
RM Bridge Cable
RM Bridge Addcon
RM Bridge Large Deflection
RM Bridge Erection Control
RM Bridge Wind CFD
RM Bridge Wind Buffeting
RM Bridge Cantilever
RM Bridge ILM
RM Bridge Rolling Stock
RM Bridge Cast