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FracAnalysis Franc3D v6.05

Fracture Analysis Consultants Inc. provides consulting services to a variety of industry clients and government agencies. We provide custom software development, support and training, and perform complex crack growth simulations.
 Simple graphical user interface with a window to
display the 3D model
 Import and export of finite element file formats,
including ANSYS1
 Wizards and dialogs to aid crack insertion, crack
growth, and analysis
 Finite volume voids and zero volume cracks
 Crack front templates include singular wedge or
collapsed brick elements for elasto-plastic material behavior
 Advancing-front tetrahedral meshing with pyramid transition elements, plus the ability to use
volume meshing
 M-integral stress intensity factor (SIF) calculation
allows for anisotropic materials and accounts for
temperature changes and crack face tractions or
contact pressures
 User-controlled crack growth rules for kink angle
and increment
 Fatigue models available to define relative crack
 Mapping or transfer of initial conditions and
boundary conditions
 Multiple cracks with multiple crack fronts and
multiple load steps/cases
 Executables (32 and 64 bit) for Microsoft WindowsTM (XP thru 7) and Linux
Product:FracAnalysis Franc3D v6.05