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STK is a free system modeling and mission analysis application and software development kit for space, defense and intelligence engineers and analysts. Use STK to model complex systems (aircraft, satellites, ground vehicles), along with their sensors and communications, in the context of the mission environment.

High-fidelity spatial mechanics engine
Software development kit for integration and deployment
Detailed model and simulation creation
Customizable report and graph styles
This STK module adds enhanced modeling, analysis and visualization tools that provide high fidelity mission analysis and system modeling.

Interactive 3D virtual globe for system visualization
Software development kit for integration and deployment
Advanced object modeling
Point, vector, axes and reference frame analysis tools
Complex modeling constraints

This module is installed with STK
STK Server is off-the-shelf server software for creating, managing and distributing mission models and analytic services over the Web or enterprise network to support desktop and browser applications. Through dynamically generated web services, end users and application developers can easily incorporate STK models and analysis within any web-service compliant tool. Use STK Server to:

Publish scenarios as a Web service without any programming experience.
Generate VDFs which can be served to a large numbers of clients.
Employ the programming interface to implement specific tasks on the server.
Perform computationally intensive tasks such as:
Parametric analysis for satellite/aircraft mission planning and optimization.
Satellite conjunction analysis for space situational awareness.
Asset coverage calculations over large regions at high resolutions.
Share scenarios from AGI’s desktop products and expose the underlying analysis as a Web service.