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Schlumberger Interactive Petrophysics 4.0

Senergy Software is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our powerful petrophysics analysis tool. IP v4.0 is now available for download featuring the following new modules.

Image Analysis – The Image Analysis module provides a complete workflow for processing and interpreting any wireline or LWD image log. It contains many advanced features such as a speed correction previewer, unique picking tools including semi-manual and full autodip, comprehensive pickset properties including relationships between picks and beds, and new 3D-walkout plots. For more information please click here.

3D Petrophysics – The 3D Petrophysics interpretation module comes as part of the IP Base platform and provides new-to-the industry interactive module which allows you to consider and visualise, within your multi-well interpretation workflow, regional and depth variations / trends to input logs, parameters and results in 3D space.

Drag & Drop Desktop – Drag and drop files such as LAS, LIS, DLIS, logplots, crossplots, histograms, formulas and multi-line formulas, from a Windows file system or email to the IP desktop. The appropriate module is then launched.

Third Party Database Links – The Third Party Database links (Openspirit, Openworks, Geolog, Powerlog, ODM) available in the Base Module of IP have been enhanced with greater usability, flexibility and speed.

Attached Curves – Curves can now be plotted attached to other curves, such as a TVD depth curve to create well path log tracks.

Basic Log Interpretation Enhancement – This module allows the use of results from the clay volume module. Porosity can now be calculated using the neutron / density and water saturation can be calculated using the Indonesian or Simandoux equations.
Product:Schlumberger Interactive Petrophysics 4.0