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OpendTect 4.2 comes with new HorizonCube and Well Correlation plugins, as well as new interpretation, editing and visualization features. Benefits include:

A significant increase in the number and density of mapped horizons through the HorizonCube plugin, resulting in low frequency model building with a greater number of horizons and more accurate inversion results, geologically sound rock-property predictions, a realistic geologic history and well correlations, and more geological information from seismic than ever before.

A well correlation tool with a new stratigraphic framework and interactive viewer from which users can correlate and update well markers and horizons.

The latest in visualization, editing and data integration features. Through Wacom’s interactive pen display technology, seismic interpreters can interact directly with the tablet to draw faults, horizons, bodies and interpretive features.

“If you’re tired with picking horizons, want to work more effectively with the structure of your seismic data, and would like a clearer insight into your data’s depositional history, then OpendTect 4.2 is definitely the software for you,” said Paul de Groot, President & CEO of dGB Earth Sciences.